A shot of two senior friends helping each other in the allotment. United Church Foundation Grants webinars can help you plant seeds of hope!

Plant Seeds of Hope! 3 Helpful Grant Webinars

A shot of two senior friends helping each other in the allotment.

We’re coming to the end of another granting round at the Foundation. It’s an exciting, hopeful time around here; groups brimming with ideas, Joint Grants committee eager to support new work. Has your community of faith ever considered applying for a Seeds of Hope grant? These United Church Foundation grant webinars can help!

Get Inspired

We recently hosted an amazing virtual panel featuring three Seeds of Hope grant recipients making an impact in their communities through innovative and creative approaches. We were thrilled to be joined by Rev. Christina (Tina) Conlon, from Davenport Perth Community Ministry, Gloria Tozek from St. Paul’s United Church and Anne Yates-Laberge from Hillhurst United Church. They shared their experiences and insights on working on their respective projects, and receiving support from the Foundation through the Seeds of Hope granting program.

No matter where you are in your project journey, this is can’t miss virtual programming! In case you didn’t catch the event live, you can view the recording below:

To Apply or Not to Apply, That is the Question

Are you sufficiently inspired to launch a special project in your community of faith? Or maybe you’re on the fence now wondering if your idea or something you’re already working on is eligible for a Seeds of Hope grant. We get questions every day from curious people wondering how a grant from the Foundation can lift up their work.

We love feeling the buzz of the Spirit stirring in communities of faith and other United Church ministries across the country! It prompted us to convene an informational webinar for folks to learn about the Foundation’s many granting opportunities. This helpful overview dives into the program, application process, and the types of projects we seek to support. View the replay here:

Walking Through the Application

Our 100% digital application is, in a word, thorough. We like to ask for as much relevant info as possible so that your project can shine! To those not as familiar with grant-writing as others, it can be a daunting process. Even folks with plenty of experience applying for funding can always benefit from tips for getting noticed!

Our Seeds of Hope application walk-through webinar guides you along our application so you put your best foot forward. If you’re “not there” yet, but want to peek at the application for future projects, jump in! Maybe you’re ready to click submit, but want to ensure you answered everything correctly. It’s down to the wire, but there is still time to apply; fill out your application alongside the step-by-step guide! Whatever your motive, it’s another must-see event. Watch now:

Let’s Grow Together

Our Seeds of Hope program supports unique and innovative United Church ventures that are ready to make an impact in our communities. Do you have an idea that strives to seek justice, lives with respect in creation, and works to love and serve others? Watch these United Church Foundation grant webinars to learn and be inspired, then let’s grow your project together! Applications for our Spring Seeds of Hope granting round are due April 15, 2023 at 11:55 PM. Apply here:


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