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Starting an Endowment Fund with the United Church of Canada Foundation

Long-term stewardship for the cause closest to your heart

Endowment funds are long-term, lasting resources that support the works, mission, and beliefs of the United Church of Canada and its members. Establishing an endowment fund is a great way to ensure that your gifts are directed towards causes that are especially important to you for decades to come.

Who can establish an endowment fund?

Individuals, families, and organizations can all establish an endowment fund through the United Church of Canada Foundation. The Foundation will steward the fund, ensuring that its purpose best serves your intent and the needs of the United Church of Canada.

Start your endowment fund today

We encourage those interested in establishing an endowment fund to contact us so we can collaboratively work through the establishment process. Call the Foundation office at
, or fill the form out below.

    Learn how to establish an endowment fund...

    ... as an individual

    Individuals or families may choose to establish an endowment fund through the Foundation at any time. In general, funds must have a balance of $15,000 or more before they begin granting, although you do not have to establish the entire fund at once. 

    ... as an organization

    Endowment funds may be created by an organization to continually support their mission, causes and beliefs or to commemorate their existence. Establishing an endowment fund as an organization is a great way to ensure that your work will continue even if your organization itself has closed or does close.

    Other long-term funds

    A long-term fund disperses capital and income over time so that the fund may reach a balance of $0 at some point in the future. This is slightly different from an endowment fund, which is meant to continue to grow. Most long-term funds are set up to last ten years or more. Are you interested in learning more? Download our Frequently Asked Questions PDF by clicking the box to the right.


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