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Stories of Giving

Stories of Giving

Pat Logan

Pat Logan was a generous and faithful member of the United Church. She learned the art of stewardship as a young child. Pat once said “Christians give out of gratitude for life, which is seen as something holy, and out of their commitment to social justice and a decent life for all.”

Here is some of Pat’s journey in her own words:

“I had the benefit of attending church school as a child and learning the practice of putting a coin into the offering plate each Sunday. I remember well how proud I was when I was a teenager and became a member of the church and was given envelopes for regular givings to put into the offering plate. I felt such joy when I was able to put a dime into each of the three divisions (local, overseas and Canadian work) every week from my earnings as a babysitter. A dime. It is an amount that today is laughable, but for me that 30 cents represented an hour of babysitting.”

“I went to university and had no income for two years. Paradoxically, it was when I had very little that I became converted to sharing what I had. I understood what it was to have little, and so when I got some unexpected money my first impulse was to share it. And I did: I gave 10% of every bit of ‘found money’ to charity.”

“Many of my gifts have been made anonymously, and while they gave me great joy, it wasn’t something that I talked about. But the thing is, it doesn’t take great wealth to be a disciplined giver to charity. I believe that everyone can give a percentage of his or her income to others, even just 1 or 2%. All it takes is a giving heart and a willingness to budget.”

From time to time Pat used the Foundation to facilitate her generosity.  We were pleased to be able to assist Pat and be a small part of her stewardship.

Roger Snelling

Starting in the early 1980s, the late Roger Snelling experienced a gradual conversion that turned his focus outward to building a more socially just, peaceful, and reconciling world.

“It was personal for him,” says Sheila, Roger’s wife of 22 years.   “To see the work that could be done when people got together, that really excited him,” she says.   “And he was very persistent, in terms of using the gifts he had.”

Roger’s gifts continue to have an impact not only through those he loved and whose lives he touched, but through his gift to the Foundation’s Peace and Justice Endowment Fund, which, as a founding board member, he helped the Foundation plan and develop.


A long time donor and friend of the Foundation says: “Biblical teaching has influenced my giving.   Proverbs 3:27-8 says, ‘Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it is in your power to act.  Do not say to your neighbour come back tomorrow when you now have it with you’ and that is the way it is with me.”

“I feel confident the church will always be, but probably in different forms than we know it today.  And I’d like to make sure it has the resources to do that.   I live comfortably on my pension and savings but when I come into unexpected wealth and I give most of it away and I have never experienced so much joy in terms of stewardship!”

Our donor and friend established an endowment fund at the Foundation that supports a number of organizations including his congregation and the Mission & Service of the United Church.

You’ve planned carefully for your own financial future. Now you can plan your future gifts to God’s mission as well. Contact The United Church of Canada Foundation by e-mail or call 1-866-340-8223 (toll free).