Huron Shores United Church gathers for their Grand Bend Meditation Group

Seeds of Hope in Bloom: Grand Bend Meditation Group

There is a lot of value in the regular practice of meditation, improving one’s wellbeing in numerous ways. As the sole meditation group in the area, it was important for Huron Shores United Church’s Grand Bend Meditation Group to offer a sense of stability and permanence for their members. With support from a Seeds of Hope grant, the church furnished their space with meditation benches, cushions, cozy shawls, mats, and a singing bowl. They enhanced the space and the practice for their members by creating a more comfortable and warmer experience.

A Sense of Community

The Meditation Group was passionate about being able to equip their community with the powerful tool of meditation. “Through our shared practice we realize so many benefits,” says Kate Crawford. “Reduced stress and anxiety, lowered blood pressure, increased self-awareness, insight, freedom to make choices about emotional states, lowered aggression and self-criticism as well as a sense of community with each other.” It was important for them to be a constant in their community. The group placed great significance in creating a space that offered locals a sense of comfort and consistency.

Sheila, a member of the meditation group, shares how important the group and the furnishings were to her experience. “I appreciate so much having our Meditation group in our little town! We hold meetings in the basement of Huron Shores Union Church, where the floors are concrete and the air is cool. We now have plush mats for kneeling, warm and cozy shawls, and cushions for the hard chairs. Meditation is important in this hectic life we have! The church is the perfect venue for peace, quality and soul friendly activities. Thank you for this grant, helping to make it a successful group and rewarding experience.”

You Can Do It Too!

Does your community of faith have a project like the Grand Bend Meditation Group that could use a funding boost? The United Church of Canada Foundation offers a variety of grant opportunities to bring life to the continued ministry of the United Church. These are a part of the stewardship of our trusts and endowments, made possible by the generosity of donors to the Foundation and the United Church of Canada. Apply today and get planting your own seeds of hope!

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