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Planned Gifts Help You “Give Smarter”

Tax season is as good a time as any to take stock of your financial situation, including thinking about how to optimize your charitable giving! Since 2020, donors are asking about creative ways to “give smarter.” One of the best ways to do this is by leaving a charitable gift in your Will. Not only can you make a bigger contribution to support the United Church of Canada ministry close to your heart, but there are tax advantages that could benefit your estate and loved ones. Simply put, planned gifts in your Will can do more than you think, especially through the United Church of Canada Foundation.

Discover how to support charity and family in your will

Want to know how? You’re invited to join a free webinar that we hope will be an eye-opener for you. The Top 7 Myths About Leaving a Charitable Gift in Your Will is a 30-minute webinar hosted by our trusted partner Will Power. Will Power is a national movement inspiring Canadians to think differently about their charitable giving. The session includes advice from a financial planner on how to set up your estate to support loved ones and charity, and save on taxes. Even better, You can choose your preferred time and attend this free estate planning webinar at your convenience! Register now:

Further Reading

We’ve also selected a few additional resources that donors have found useful on their journey to give smarter:

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Will Power & The United Church of Canada Foundation

Year after year, we’re thankful to our donors for their incredible generosity of spirit. Thank you for trusting in the Foundation to steward your gifts to support the causes, ministries, and communities important to you. And we hope you’ll keep the love going with a planned gift to the Foundation.

Have more questions about how a gift in your Will to the Foundation can support future United Church ministry? Let’s chat! Drop us a line at  

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