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The New Ministries Funds

The New Ministries Fund

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The New Ministries Formation Fund and The London Conference New Ministries Fund provide financial and coaching assistance for:

  • the formation and development of new intentional faith communities and non-traditional approaches to Christian ministry.
  • exploratory research for new ministry initiatives.
  • ministry redevelopment in a pastoral charge/congregation/presbytery/district with the aim of responding to new communities.

New ministry initiatives are ministry opportunities that respond to the changing cultures, established for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church or intentional faith community. They respond to the urban, rural, and suburban realities; they are sensitive to the intercultural commitments of the church; they reflect a commitment to the environment and peace and justice. New ministry initiatives are intended to be discerned in a particular context, and demonstrate creative responses to that particular local vision and opportunity.

The New Ministries Formation Fund and The London Conference New Ministries Fund will:

  • seek to increase the capacity of ministers to launch new ministry initiatives through specialized education opportunities funded by grants.
  • support new methods of reaching out to people not currently involved in any faith communities.


We invite individuals, ministries, and courts of The United Church of Canada seeking to develop a vision and ministry to initiate the requisite consultations.

The London Conference New Ministries Fund supports initiatives in London Conference which is now part of three Regional Councils; Antler River Watershed, Western Ontario Waterways, and Canadian Shield with options to provide limited support to projects outside of this area.


These funds support, and will give priority to, initiatives that build either new faith communities and/or relationships with communities that not currently a part of the church.

Criteria for an initiative are as follows:

  • Be contextual to a particular opportunity in a particular local area and supported by thorough research.
  • Support intentional faith community formation.
  • Have identified partnership(s)—e.g., another congregation, presbytery, or Conference, or another faith community.
  • Be innovative in its approach and a clear articulated vision.
  • Explore new ways of engaging in ministry in a post-denominational and post-Christian society.

If you would like more information or to apply please visit Edge’s website or contact Lauren Hodgson (urban and suburban) or Christine Jerrett (rural and small town) at EDGE: A Network for Ministry Development for consultation.