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Grant Information – Overview

Grant Overview

Through bequests and outright gifts, generous donors to The United Church of Canada and The United Church of Canada Foundation have provided for the future of church by creating trusts and endowments.

As part of the stewardship of these trusts and endowments, the Foundation provides grants to assist United Church organizations undertake new and innovative projects that fulfill the mission and vision of the church as well as fulfilling the wishes of donors who provided specific instructions on how their funds were to be used.

Thanks to our donors, the Foundation is pleased to announce the 2020 Spring Granting Results

Using this interactive granting map have a look at other projects that have received grants over the years. This map is regularly updated and the legend shows the diversity of projects and programs being explored, from innovative programs for seniors, to children and anti-poverty projects, to environmental and social justice issues, and much more. You will find the ideas, programs, and projects have been funded nation wide, in urban, suburban and rural areas.

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To find what is avaliable you can dowload a complete list of grants offered by the United Church of Canada Foundation and the United Church of Canada. This list contains information such as grant program name, eligibility, deadlines, contact information, and where to find more information.

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To assist interested organizations, the Foundation has created a webinar on grant writing that includes information on the various granting streams of the church and Foundation.  You can access a recording of the session if you would like to review the information presented.