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About Us Overview


In 2002 the Executive of the General Council of the United Church of Canada created the Foundation as an arm’s length body that is expert in the management of the trusts and endowments that support the work of the Church now and forever.

Over 250 people, known as Founders, helped establish the Foundation by making a gift of at least $1,000. Their gifts were matched by a grant from the United Church of Canada’s Morrison Bequest Fund.

Now, the Foundation has over $71M in assets in over 500 individual funds.

The long term funds lodged with the Foundation were created by generous United Church people like you who want to make a difference in the church and in our world. There are many funds including several that support

  • The United Church Archives
  • United Church Congregations and related organizations
  • The Mission & Service of the church
  • New Ministries
  • Indigenous Justice& Ministries
  • Education – both theological and continuing education related to mission and ministry

As part of the Foundation’s mission to support the church, the Foundation provides direct support to congregations by facilitating gifts of stocks and mutual funds and making known the opportunity for congregations, regional councils, and United Church–related institutions to invest with select fund managers.

To learn more about the Foundation and what we offer please download our Information Booklet.

Foundation staff welcomes any questions you have about the Foundation’s history, mission, and activities. You may reach us at 1-866-340-8223 or by email.