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Month: November 2018

United Church Health Services Society

After more than a century of providing health care services in the Central Coast communities of Bella Bella and Bella Coola and Hazelton located in Northwestern British Columbia, the successful transfer of United Church Health Services Society (UCHSS) facilities and services to respective the health authorities is complete. It is now appropriate for UCHSS to wind up the organization.

It is with some sadness that UCHSS announces its intention to wrap up the organization. The United Church’s Health Care mission, its doctors, nurses and other staff were part of the British Columbia communities from a time when there were no public funded health services. After years of dedicated service UCHSS has accomplished the mission and the transfer of Central Coast hospitals and medical services in Bella Bella and Bella Coola to Vancouver Coastal Health Authority was completed in 2014 and the hospital, medical services and health care programs in Hazelton were transferred to Northern Health Authority in 2016. The retail pharmacy in Hazelton was sold in 2016. The dedicated staff in the facilities and the health authorities made the transition a success.

After working to meet UCHSS liabilities and making provision to meet potential liabilities any residual funds will be transferred to the United Church or Canada and the United Church of Canada Foundation to eventually support to healing ministries, scholarships and grants for health and spiritual care in the three communities.

For additional information please contact The United Church of Canada Foundation by email  or by phone at 1-866-340-8223.